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Animal Services

MLM-Martin Architects, Inc.'s has worked on animal services projects since the 1980's, many of which are repeat clients for renovations and additions years later on the same project sites. MLM designs animal services public facilities for durable, fear-free design, to maximize public adoptions and staff/volunteer success to care for our animals.


MLM brings over 30 years of direct experience in design and construction of multiple public Animal Shelters with welcome and adoption centers for municipal clients as Prime Architect of Record. These include new construction projects, renovations, and master planning. MLM has worked on every part of an Animal Services Shelter, Humane Society and veterinary clinics.


MLM-Martin Architects, Inc. has always been the Prime Designer and Architect of Record for all of our Animal Services Facilities. We rely on our own staff and experienced Engineering consultant team to deliver projects meeting our clients various programs, time frames, and most importantly, their budgets. MLM hand-picks only the most experienced, qualified, subconsultant team members to help deliver our animal shelters and veterinary facilities our communities love for years to come.

Check our our Animal Shelter Look Book:

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